What is My Class Notes?

My Class Notes gives instructors the opportunity to manage their class in a professional way. Both teachers and students have access to many professional tools that gives them both a great learning experience.

How long does it take to set up an account with My Class Notes?

Teachers can create classes in under a minute thanks to our smart and easy to use interface. Students can join a class within a few minutes too. Our time saving sign up service is efficient and perfect for users.

Who runs My Class Notes?

My Class Notes was thought of as an idea by sixteen year old high school student. He thought he could re-define the classroom with this product. Thanks to a great group of designers and developers, his idea came to life.

How do I create a class?

Easy, just sign up as a teacher and press the add class button. You can name the class as you wish. Every class you create has its own personal code, which is distributed to the students in order to join the class.

How do I join a class?

Students can easily join a class by creating an account and pressing the join class button. Students will be prompted to enter the class code that the teacher will have given to the students. Once the code is entered correctly you are all set.

How Many classes can I have?

You can have an unlimited amount of classes in one account! This is valid for both teachers and students.

Can I Share my notes?

Yes, both teachers and students can share their notes on Facebook. Teachers can also share their notes with the students in the class.

Will I get notified when things go on in the class?

With the great notification system built by our developers, you will always be up to date. Every class has its own notification system, where students can see new calendar event, assignments, messages, resources…

I'm a teacher can I disconnect specific students from a class or even delete a class?

Yes! Teachers can both disconnect specific students from a class and they can also delete the whole class, thus meaning that everything in the class will be lost.

How do I change my password?

It's simple, just press the forgot password button at login, and you will receive an email with a link to set a new password.

Is my data safe with My Class Notes?

Every single user's data is very safe with My Class Notes. Although we only collect name and email, everything stays on our servers and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Can I view other peoples notes for help on research?

If someone shares the notes they have taken with the public, all users will be entitled to view the notes. In every class their is a note search bar where a user can search for notes in a specific subject. All notes containing similar keywords will appear and users will be able to use them and rate them creating a note sharing social environment. Obviously each user can decide if he wants to share a specific note or keep it private.

What happens at the end of the year when I delete a class?

In every teacher account their is an export button. By pressing this button, the website will automatically download all the class details such as notes, assignments, resources... into an excel file so nothing will be lost. Before deleting a class at the end of the year, a teacher should export it to keep a record of it. Then he will be able to create a new class.

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