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What is My Class Notes? It's the perfect place for students and teachers to interact and create a friendly environment. Students can join classes, take notes, submit assignments, view their schedule, contact class members, view helpful resources and much more. My Class Notes is the best place for students to manage all their classes and keep them organized. It brings the class to life, it's not just about sitting in the classroom, now students can keep up with class material and follow up from anywhere through My Class Notes. My Class Notes is the best place for teachers to manage their class.Teachers can post notes straight to the class for the students to see. They can add calendar events, add resources, contact students, post.assignments and post grades right on the website with a few clicks.My Class Notes just works, its hassle free, easy to use and has a very advanced interface. My Class Notes brings students and teachers together, through the Internet and makes it possible for both to have a great experience as a class even when they are not face to face.My Class Notes is mainly targeted for high school students, as it is very basic and accessible. It can also be used in universities and other types of industries but we believe it works best in a very intimate environment,where everyone knows each other. Our main goal is to bring the perfect tools for both students and teachers to access straight from their free online class. Most importantly My Class Notes is free to both students and teachers. Only an Email is required to set a class up. Within a few minutes after registration, students and teachers can already be using all the great features My Class Notes has to offer. Created by a sixteen year old high school student, the website has all the features a student needs to pursue most of his education wise daily tasks. What we have tried to do is re- invent the classroom by coming out with this amazing website and we are positive we have come out with something that will make this possible. My Class Notes is entirely cloud based, meaning that it can be accessed from anywhere in the world, as long as an Internet connection is established. It is compatible with all devices and can be accessed from any web browser. We don't believe in on-device software, where you need a specific device to use these features, so our software development team has come out with the perfect way to set up My Class Notes.

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